Exploring the Multifaceted Benefits of Tree Planting on Your Property

Introducing trees to your property, whether it’s a brand-new home or an existing one you wish to revitalize, is a decision that offers numerous advantages. Trees are aesthetically pleasing and contribute significantly to the environment and your living space. Diverse Benefits of Incorporating Trees into Your Landscape Here are some key advantages you can enjoy […]

Protecting Trees from Winter Damage

Winter, often perceived as a dormant period for garden care, is a critical time for the health of your trees in Oregon. The cold season brings various challenges for trees, including snow, ice, salt, and plummeting temperatures. Understanding these challenges and taking proactive measures can prevent damage that often becomes apparent only in spring. Recognizing […]

What Counts as a Tree Emergency

Medford trees can complement the rest of your property and be nice to look at and care for. However, emergencies do occur from time to time, forcing a tree to be removed entirely. Some residents are unaware of what constitutes an emergency, as a tree growing too big may not be considered an emergency. A […]