Benefits of Planting and Maintaining Trees

Trees are beautiful aesthetically and home to important animals and insects that support our ecosystem, but they also play an essential role in helping the environment. Because trees remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, purify the air and reduce other air pollutants, they consistently assist the planet’s health and, in turn, humans.  Benefits to Climate […]

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Tree Trimming: Can I Do It Myself

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects can be satisfying because they allow you to put in the work yourself, develop a skill you may not have previously had, and save money. Some homeowners love the concept of DIY. While fun and adventurous, DIY isn’t always the best choice for all your home project needs.  Landscaping provides numerous possibilities […]

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Can My Trees Be Trimmed in Spring

Spring brings thoughts of blooming, bountiful tree boughs, and the best new starts to the season ahead. You may also be thinking that you should prune some of your trees, even if some may be blooming.  It’s important to note that, in general, trees and shrubs should be trimmed only while they are dormant. When […]

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