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Trees are a beautiful part of what makes the Pacific Northwest feel like home. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees that are dead or otherwise not viable or pose a risk to the surrounding area. Often, trees that have been removed leave behind a not-so-pleasant reminder of their former existence – tree stumps.

When scattered about a property, stumps can provide a few different negative outcomes for the property owner, who may want them removed. The following are some reasons to remove tree stumps:

• Aesthetics – simply put, tree stumps can be ugly and are difficult to hide or disguise with other landscaping.
• Property value – ugly tree stumps reduce curb appeal and can decrease the value of your property. Potential buyers do not often wish to undertake the task of stump removal or the cost of hiring a service.
• Lawn care – lawn care such as mowing is more difficult when stumps dot the landscape and necessitate extra trimming and work on the part of the owner.
• Safety – in addition to posing a threat to lawn care equipment, stumps present a tripping hazard.
• Infestation – stumps pose a risk for termite and other insect infestation, which also risks surrounding trees and wooden structures.
• Disease – diseased stumps can spread their diseases to surrounding trees, which may result in issues with all the trees on your property.
• New Growth – stumps can produce new growth, which may be undesirable.
• Space – the presence of stumps may be preventing you from adding desirable landscaping to your property.

Why Should You Choose Grinding?

If you have stumps that are candidates for removal, grinding provides an alternative to complete stump removal and is often the best solution. Grinding is usually more cost-effective than removal since it is less labor intensive. The process is much quicker, usually achieved in under two hours depending on size.

The best reason to choose stump grinding over removal, however, is the reduced impact. Removing a stump and its root system can cause a large hole on your property, which will then need to be filled. Disturbing large sections of the earth in this way can stress nearby trees and may harm the environment in other ways. Grinding involves only the targeted stump and does not disturb the ground or nearby growth.

Other Considerations
Ideally, grinding takes place in the fall or winter, when disturbance to the ground and surrounding trees is at a minimum. You can rent stump grinders at many equipment rental businesses, but they can be difficult to use and are much slower than commercial stump grinders. Equipment may pose a hazard to the operator as well, so it is often best to leave stump grinding to the professionals.

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