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Trees on your property have numerous benefits – they beautify your property, provide shade and energy savings, and can increase your property value. However, trees that are damaged or otherwise unhealthy may present a hazard to surrounding structures, other trees, and even people. An inspection by a properly certified arborist can identify issues before they become severe.

Should I Have My Trees Inspected?

If your trees display the following characteristics, it may be time to schedule an inspection:

• Trees show signs of disease or poor health. Trees that are diseased or otherwise unhealthy may fail to produce foliage. Other signs of disease include soft spots in the roots or collar of the tree, swelling or cracks in the trunk, or an abundance of dead limbs in the canopy. If diseased, trees may infect other trees nearby and can pose a fall hazard.
• Trees have dead, broken, or hanging limbs. Dead, hanging limbs are often referred to as “widow-makers” because they pose a hazard to people, structures, or other property nearby. Such limbs may become more likely to fall in high wind, icy, or otherwise poor weather conditions. Dead limbs that are large or high in the tree’s canopy often require professional removal.
• Trees are too close to power lines, roads, or other infrastructure or buildings. Trees that impede power lines or other infrastructure are often candidates for pruning or removal to prevent them from becoming hazardous. Also, trees that overhang homes and other buildings may pose a fall risk if any dead or weather-stricken branches occur. Usually, such removal is best done professionally.
• Trees show other signs of damage, such as split or cracking trunks and limbs. If left alone, trees with split trunks or frost cracks may worsen over time. However, if the issue is identified early and proper tree care is applied, the tree may be saved with approved techniques. An arborist can correctly diagnose common tree issues and suggest and apply the best methods for solving the issue.

Why a Professional Arborist?

An arborist is an individual who has been trained to plant, care for, and maintain trees. They may provide services including tree inspection, planting, removal, and stump grinding, as well as proper upkeep such as fertilization and other care. Arborists can help you protect the investment you’ve made by adding trees to your property.

Certified arborists have the education to be approved by the International Society of Arboriculture, which maintains up-to-date certification standards. They must also stay up-to-date regarding current best practices and new technologies. If your arborist is certified, they have gone through a voluntary process to best use the wealth of knowledge they have regarding your trees.

If your trees are in need of quality inspection, contact us for a quote by one of our ISA Certified Arborists.

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