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Emergency Tree Service in Medford & Southern Oregon

Even if you are dedicated to keeping up with the health and condition of the trees on your property, emergencies do occur. Unfortunately, emergencies often happen at the worst possible times, and for that reasons, Quality Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many situations can lead to tree or limb-removal emergencies including:

• Weather emergencies – fallen limbs, leaning trees, or felled trees after a storm often become risks to infrastructure, property or surrounding trees and must be removed immediately.
• Accident-related emergencies – vehicle or construction accidents can lead to branches or entire trees leaning or falling, which then increase risk to surrounding structures or roads.
• Disease-related emergencies – trees that were diseased, hollow, or long dead can fall or drop limbs unexpectedly, resulting in the need for quick removal.
• Unforeseen emergencies – some tree-related emergencies are not predictable. Still, removal of trees or limbs that are impeding infrastructure or threatening damage to property or people need to be removed as soon as possible.

When Should I Call Tree Emergency Services?

In general, trees or affected branches should be removed if they are a hazard. Circumstances vary, but if your tree is a hazard in one of the following ways, call an emergency tree specialist:

• Trees or branches risk damage to structures – leaning trees or branches hanging over structures such as homes or other commercial structures will eventually fall and can cause large amounts of damage. Such trees should be removed by an arborist.
• Trees or branches are impeding power lines – it is imperative that tree branches that are loose and touching power lines should be handled by a trained professional. Otherwise, further damage to the power lines as well as other damage to your property may occur.
• Trees are blocking the road – any time a tree or large limb falls and blocks the road, accident risk is drastically increased. In addition, impassable roads can snarl traffic and cause annoyance. Such trees must be removed as soon as possible.
• Trees risk the safety of people – damaged trees that are not an immediate hazard may still pose a risk if limbs are loose and hanging. It is best to have dangerous limbs or trees removed before an accident happens.

Why Should I Call a Trained Arborist?

Instead of risking your life removing trees from hazardous roadways or among downed power lines, call an emergency tree removal service. Quality Tree Service employs trained arborists who are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. These trained arborists have the knowledge and professional equipment to safely and quickly remove felled trees and branches that are posing a threat.

For emergency tree removal services, contact us at (541)821-8594. We are here to serve you 24/7.

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