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Tree Planting & Fertilization in Medford

As a property owner, however, careful selection and planting of trees on your property can be a complicated process. A tree is an investment that will remain on your property long after you’ve left it, and can affect your immediate property value in multiple ways.

• Trees selected for Medford’s climate will provide shade, windbreak, and other protection for structures or landscaping on your property.
• Trees can block direct sunlight from your home, reducing energy bills and potential weathering.
• Properly selected trees improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, increasing curb appeal.
• Trees can slow runoff and prevent certain levels of water and flood damage to your property.

Tree Planting Tips

The best time to plant trees is usually in the dormant season, which stretches from fall after leaves drop, to early spring before budding. Ideally, trees planted at this time have sufficient time to re-establish a root system before undergoing the stress of new growth. However, with adequate care, trees can be planted at any time.

A tree should be in good condition at your local nursery, especially its root ball. Root balls should be adequately wrapped in burlap or housed in a container with sufficient soil, moisture and nutrition. Even properly contained roots undergo shock when transplanted, so keep an eye out for a young tree with trunk, limbs and leaves that are healthy in appearance.

Tree Planting Steps

First, do a little research or ask at your local nursery about trees that commonly thrive in the area. You can also check out your existing trees or those in neighbor’s yards to determine which new plantings may be right for you. Once you’ve found a tree, Quality Tree Service can assist you in proper planting techniques, as well as ensure your tree is properly placed to avoid impeding the growth and health of surrounding landscaping.

After Planting Your Trees

Trees need care after planting, as well. Ensure that soil is moist, but not wet, by watering once a week, unless rain makes watering this often unnecessary. More frequent watering may be necessary during drier, warmer months.

Often, trees planted by humans can experience competition for nutrients and other environmental shocks. Fertilization can help trees showing signs of transplant shock or help existing trees showing need of help. If you have trees with several dead branches, early leaf drop, or poorly developed leaves, they may benefit from fertilization.

Let Quality Tree Service assist you in any stage of your tree planting, fertilization, or tree maintenance journey. Please contact us for a quote or more information.

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