What Counts as a Tree Emergency

Medford trees can complement the rest of your property and be nice to look at and care for. However, emergencies do occur from time to time, forcing a tree to be removed entirely. Some residents are unaware of what constitutes an emergency, as a tree growing too big may not be considered an emergency. A tree emergency is a situation where a tree could potentially cause injury to people or property, and we’ve outlined a few examples below.

Weather and Other Accidents

One of the most common sources of tree emergencies is weather-related problems. When winds pick up or a thunderstorm rolls through, trees can break and fall onto houses, buildings, or into the road. Even if a tree hasn’t wholly fallen, should one be heavily leaning toward property, it can be classified as an emergency situation, meaning it should be removed immediately. Also, car accidents or construction issues can result in trees causing damage. These are all situations that require a full tree removal so people aren’t put in danger.

Diseased Trees

When a tree is unhealthy, diseased, or dead, it can fall or break unexpectedly. Rather than risk a limb falling onto traffic or someone’s home, it’s highly advised to go ahead and remove the tree as soon as possible.

When to Call an Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes, trees are healthy and okay to leave intact. Other times, trees may need a good trim and are still okay to remain where they are. However, if a tree poses a serious safety risk, blocks the road, or intrudes on power lines, the situation can be classified as a tree emergency. In these cases, a qualified tree removal company is recommended to remove it before it causes a problem.

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