Your Tree-Care Guide for Fall

Although your trees won’t be growing in the fall, they aren’t immune to the effects of being exposed to the harsh weather conditions. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do in the fall to reduce the stress placed on your trees as the cold weather sets in. Review the following tips to prepare your trees for chillier conditions.


Depend on Mulch


Place mulch underneath your trees on the fall or early winter to help sustain water and regulate the temperature of the soil. A slender layer of mulch will serve as a cover and provide the tree’s roots with a bit of additional protection from the elements.


Water Your Trees


Watering your trees in the winter is especially important for young trees. However, make sure that you water when the temperature is mildly cool and not frozen.


Avoid Injuries


Winter weather is prone to causing trunk damage, as well as splits and broken branches. You can help minimize the risk by wrapping your tree’s base with a plastic guard, hardware cloth, or a burlap cloth. Just remember to remove these promptly in the spring to avoid damaging the tree when it starts to grow again.


Prune Your Trees


Fall is a great time to prune, as it’s easier to monitor a tree’s structure when it lacks leaves. Pruning will also alleviate some of the strain placed on the tree, which will be especially helpful during its dormant months.


Plant Trees Now


Fall is the optimal time to plant new trees in your front or back yard. When the cooler weather has fully arrived, the soil is ideal for nurturing root growth in new trees. After the roots are established in the fall and winter, the trees will flourish when the season shifts in the spring and summer. Before you plant any trees, however, it’s important to ensure that there will be enough time for root establishment prior to significant temperature changes. Depending on the time you are planning to plant this fall, double check to be sure that the type of tree you want to plant has the ability to assimilate in time.

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