Winter Tree Removal

Winter in Medford, Oregon, can bring freezing temperatures and storms that may damage your trees. If you notice that you have a dangerous tree, contact Quality Tree Service for removal services this winter.

  1. A tree that is down or has branches that are hanging and dangerous should be removed right away. Don’t try to move the tree yourself, call for removal services right away to make your property safe again.
  2. If you notice that your tree is unhealthy looking this winter, you may need to have it removed, so it doesn’t fall during high winds or a winter storm.
  3. When a tree starts to lean to one side, this is an indicator that it is unsafe, and you need tree removal services.
  4. Branches that are on your home or power lines should have attention right away!
  5. Consider inspecting your trees regularly so you can note any changes that look unusual in your trees. You may notice rot or fungi around the base of the trees on your property. Decay can be an indicator that the tree is ready for removal before it becomes dangerous.
  6. If you notice cracks in one of the trees on your property, call for removal services as the tree is in a weakened state and can become a danger during a storm.
  7. If you plan to have your landscaping changed for the next year and need a tree removed, winter is a great time to do it, so there is less of a mess. There also aren’t as many people outdoors when it is cold, which means the job may be faster!
  8. You may need to remove a tree because of plans to build an addition onto your home. If you want the tree removed in the winter so that you can start your new addition, Quality Tree Service can provide quick services so that you can begin your home building projects early in the year!

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