Why You Should Remove a Tree

While we love seeing beautiful, healthy, and vibrant trees here in Oregon, sometimes we have no choice but to remove them. Trees can be repaired to an extent, but there comes a time and place where they need to be removed. Here are some reasons a tree might need to be removed.

The Tree Is in the Way

Trees should be removed if they can cause harmful or hazardous situations to people. Trees blocking the line of sight in traffic can cause issues for drivers, and it would be best to remove them. It might be best to remove trees that are growing too close to power lines in order to avoid electrical damage. Also, if a tree is too close to a home or other building, it might need to be removed, especially if it’s starting to lean toward the said building.

The Tree Is Damaged or Diseased

If a tree is hollowed out or brittle, it not only can’t be repaired, but it can also become a fall hazard. If the tree is free of buds and leaves, it’s a sign the tree is dying. Dead trees only get weaker the longer they stay up, and to ensure the safety of everyone and everything nearby, dead trees should be removed. Any tree with a disease such as root rot, leaf blight, and anthracnose should be removed as well, as the disease can infect other trees nearby.

Removing trees that could pose potential hazards is the best option to ensure everyone’s safety and make room to plant healthier, newer trees. If you believe you have a tree that qualifies for removal, contact Quality Tree Service of Medford and get in touch with one of our professional arborists who can assess the situation and perform the required services.

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