What Time of Year Is Best for Tree Removal

Now that spring buds have begun to show on Medford area trees, it’s often easier to assess the damage the winter inflicted on the trees in your yard. Do you have hanging branches or a dead or diseased tree? If so, you may be wondering about the best time of year to have it removed.

What Is the Best Time of Year for Tree Removal?

Take a look at your tree and assess for signs of danger. Is your tree leaning? Are roots upheaving from the surrounding soil? Are dead limbs posing a threat to structures or passers-by? If so, the best time to remove such a tree is now.

Trees that are dangerous to your property or family should be removed as soon as possible, before injury or damage occurs. Upcoming wind and thunderstorms this spring could be the last push a dead or damaged tree needs to finally fall. Contact an ISA certified arborist as soon as
possible to schedule removal.

Similarly, if your tree shows signs of pest infestation or disease, such as emerald ash borers or Dutch elm disease, it is important to remove the tree as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation with an ISA-certified arborist to determine the best methods for removal or treatment.

When Should You Schedule Removal?
If a tree is not an immediate threat, you may have a more flexible window in which you can schedule removal. Removal can be done at any time of year, though arborists are typically busier during the spring and summer months. However, many experts claim winter through early spring is the best time to schedule tree removal.

During a tree’s dormant period, when leaves are minimal or absent, the tree is much lighter and easier to remove. Cooler earth is less easily disturbed, making this time of year easier on your surrounding landscaping. However, your arborist may have other recommendations regarding your tree and your property’s unique characteristics.

Now that spring is here, area trees will soon be leafing out. Now is a great time to schedule a consultation with an arborist so you can determine the ideal date to remove your tree before the busy summer season.

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