What Are the Best Fruit Trees for Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner in the cradle of the cascade mountains, you may have spent a day or two wondering how to make the most of your yard or garden. Planting fruit trees is often a consideration as many people find having fresh fruit at home enticing. However, many homeowners don’t know where to start when choosing a fruit tree for their property.

We’re here to share tips on which trees best suit the Oregon climate. They will give you the biggest harvests with the least active maintenance.

Apple Trees

Oregon is known for its apples. Our state produces over 120 million pounds of apples each year. However, with the inland being a bit drier than the coast, you want to pick varieties that will tolerate the harshness of summer and still supply you with a delicious yield. We recommend Empire, Lodi, and Goodland varieties, as they are more favorable for our climes. They’ll still need some tender care, but they’ll make it through. 

Cherry Trees

Cherry trees have some of the loveliest blossoms of any fruit tree, and a fresh cherry dramatically jumps in quality from store-bought fruits. Cherries also require very little maintenance compared to other kinds of fruit trees. For tart cherries, Morello and Montmorency are excellent. Sweeter varieties, such as Bing or Lambert are also available. You’ll need to plant a few so they can cross-pollinate.

Peach Trees

Peaches aren’t just the domain of Georgia, with quite a few varieties that find our neck of the woods delightful. They’re self-pollinating, so even one will be able to bear fruit. They’ll ripen up in July, a perfect time to enjoy this delicious fruit. Avalon Pride, Frost, and Salish Summer are good varieties for the area.

Getting to Planting

Once your trees are planted, we will be happy to help you keep them trimmed, happy, and healthy for years to come. Schedule an appointment today to see what we can do for your fruit tree’s future.

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