Trees Most Likely to Attract Pests

If you’re interested in planting new trees around your property but don’t like the idea of attracting pests and insects to your home, there are a few tree varieties you should avoid. The following trees tend to attract wildlife that you probably don’t want near your house, so take care in your tree selection to add some greenery and shade to your property without risking a pest infestation.

Cottonwood Trees

While many people love this species of tree because of its beautiful flowers, it is one of the trees that insects love the most. Cottonwood blooms will attract all types of insects, including flies, mosquitoes, aphids, and mealybugs.

Mulberry Trees

These trees may be attractive additions to your property’s landscape, but they have a bad reputation for attracting pests, especially armored bugs that love to feed on its sap and many varieties of flying insects that like to feed on mulberry.

Pine Trees

Many people enjoy the look of classic, robust evergreen trees, but pine trees are often homes to more than 20 different types of insect, from flies and ticks to caterpillars and weevils. Some of these bugs may remain in the tree as much as they can while others may start showing up around or even inside of your home.

Pink Diamond Hydrangea Tree

These trees are beautiful and bloom in a bright pink color, but they are also extremely attractive to flies. If you do not want flies around your home, you should avoid planting any Pink Diamond Hydrangeas anywhere close to your home. If you plant them in a more remote area of your yard, you can enjoy their aesthetics without worrying too much about flies.

Many types of plants attract pests, so do your research before you commit to planting new vegetation around your home. If you’re not sure which trees would look best in your yard or if you have concerns about pests, allergies, and tree upkeep, Quality Tree Service in Medford, OR can help. Contact us today to learn more about our tree planting and pruning services.

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