Tree Removal

Trees are an integral and beautiful part of life here in the Pacific Northwest and as ISA-certified arborists, we at Quality Tree Service have the experience and the knowledge to evaluate and repair trees if possible. However, sometimes a tree’s issues are such that repair is not possible. In cases where a tree is a danger to nearby trees, structures, property or people, the tree will likely need to be removed.

Quality Tree Service’s trained arborists can remove:
• Dead trees – trees that are dead are often brittle or hollow and present a fall hazard to people and property.
• Damaged trees – trees that are leaning or have a large number of dead branches, split trunks, or other forms of damage also present a fall hazard to nearby people and property.
• Diseased trees – trees with disease should be removed promptly, as they pose an infection threat to trees nearby.
• Crowded trees – even when growing naturally, larger trees can crowd out smaller or more desirable trees.
• Impeding trees – trees that impede power lines, roads or other infrastructure as well as trees that impede sight lines at public intersections may be candidates for pruning or removal.
• Hazardous trees – trees should not hang over homes and other structures. If hazardous branches are too numerous, the tree may need to be removed.
• Undesirable trees – trees may be undesirable for other reasons, and owners may elect to have them removed in favor of replacement with a more desirable tree.

Quality Tree Service offers tree assessment to help you determine if your tree should be removed. Our certified arborists will assess your tree on-site to determine the risk to surrounding trees, property, or people and develop the best course of action. Please do not attempt to remove a large tree on your own – tree removal can be dangerous, especially if the tree is unsound or interfering with power lines, and the task is best left to professionals with the proper equipment.

What Services Does Quality Tree Service Offer?

Should your tree be selected for removal, Quality Tree service professionals will determine the safest method of removal in order to protect your property as well as other trees in the area. Especially in crowded areas, a top-down method of removal will protect surrounding trees and structures; first, branches will be removed and ground, followed by the trunk, in pieces. Finally, the stump will be removed below ground level, allowing landscaping to flow seamlessly.

When the job is finished, Quality Tree Service will remove all traces of tree waste and debris from your property, leaving you with a clean yard you can be proud of.