Tree Care Checklist to Prepare for Winter

One of the things on your winter checklist this year should be caring for the trees in your yard. Proper tree care is important for the health of your trees and for the safety of your yard this winter season. Here’s a look at a few things to check for your trees before the first snow falls.


Prune Low-Hanging and Dead Branches


Low-hanging and dead branches pose a safety hazard during the winter months. The weight of the snow on the limbs can cause them to crack or fall, causing damage to anything below. It is important to trim or remove dead branches before they become weighted down. Late fall and early winter is a great time to prune trees because they have gone dormant for the season.


Mulch, Water, and Feed


Before the snow hits the ground, check the mulch levels around the tree. Mulch helps to hold in moisture for the tree roots, creating a healthier and happier tree. Make sure the tree has a good drink of water before the ground freezes. Hydrate up until the ground won’t absorb more water because of the temperatures. Finally, give your trees a last dose of fertilizer before the snow flies. This gives them the nutrients they need to make it through the winter season, making them much healthier when the time comes to bloom in the spring.


Protect Trees From Salt


Trees are susceptible to too much salt in the winter. It causes them to dry out, pulling the moisture from the roots. Opt for alternatives such as calcium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate. For trees closer to the road, put up a barrier like a burlap covering or a snow fence or spray the trees with a protective coating of anti-desiccant spray. After the snow melts, plan to spray off the tree with water, removing any excess salt build-up.


Taking these small steps can mean a huge difference for the health of your trees in the spring. Quality Tree Service can help you prune your trees in anticipation of the upcoming cold season. Give us a call today for a customized plan for the trees in your yard.

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