Tips for Pruning Trees

The trees in our yards can quickly get overgrown, and there are many benefits to keeping them well-trimmed. However, tree pruning is not always as easy as it seems. If you have some trees in need of trimming, ask yourself these questions before you try it yourself:

  • Do you have the necessary equipment for easy removal?
  • Are the branches narrow in circumference?
  • Will you need a ladder, or can the tree be trimmed from the ground?
  • Are there power lines in the way, or any other structures?
  • Is the tree itself unhealthy?

If it seems safe to do so, removing unhealthy and dead branches is best done right away to prevent further damage to the tree. Pruning healthy trees is best accomplished during dormant seasons to allow the tree time to heal. 

Tips for Pruning Young Trees

  • Remove only dead branches or broken branches. Removing branches that are crossed or rubbing other branches may be beneficial as well. 
  • Remove at most 1/3 of the tree’s vegetation.
  • Plan your cuts. Have a plan before cutting into a tree. Pruning young trees affects their growth and can damage them if the pruning is inadequate. 
  • Don’t top trees. Topping a tree can lead to rapid new growth, weak limbs, and starvation. 

Tips for Pruning Mature Trees

  • Remove at most ¼ of the tree’s vegetation. Or 1/3 of the branch that’s being pruned. 
  • Remove dead limbs promptly. Dead limbs can cause a lot of damage to structures if they are not taken care of. 
  • Check for split or cracked branches. These can cause serious problems in the future. 
  • Prune equally. Distribute pruning equally throughout the tree to maintain an even look.

Contact the Professionals

Whenever tackling large tree-trimming projects, call in a professional for help. If projects cannot be safely completed from the ground, or on your own, that’s the time to call in specialists.

The skilled arborists at Quality Tree Service work to help young trees develop beautifully, and help mature trees stay healthy. 

Contact us today to help with your pruning needs and keep your trees attractive and healthy. 

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