Three Crucial Spring Lawn Care Tips

As the cold temperatures gradually subside and the weather becomes warm once again, many homeowners in Medford, Oregon, will begin thinking about how they can best prepare their lawns for the warm weather. If you have already prepped your lawn during the fall, you may not have too much to do this spring. However, if you didn’t prepare your lawn, spring lawn care will be instrumental in ensuring your lawn will be able to gradually rejuvenate itself. Consider the following spring lawn care tips to help bring your lawn back to life this season.


Many homeowners may associate raking with fall lawn care but raking your lawn in the springtime is an important task. Raking helps you remove thatch that has built up over the winter and allows you to detect any dead patches requiring your attention. Conduct a comprehensive raking before you to start to treat or mow your lawn. If you discover any compacted areas, you will have to use an aerator to dislodge the soil, so the grass can grow again. Take advantage of spring showers by reseeding the bare patches by with grass seed.

Determine Soil Acidity

Local garden stores offer soil pH tests, which are great for homeowners when prepping their lawns for the summer months. Particularly long and cold winters can cause your soil’s pH level to become highly acidic, making it more difficult for grass to grow. If you determine your soil has become acidic, spread a layer of lime on your lawn, which helps to moderate the acid, so your soil can promote your lawn’s growth.

Manage Weeds

Spring is a good time to use herbicides on your lawn if your lawn is susceptible to weed growth and you didn’t treat your lawn for weed development last fall. It is easier to remove stubborn weeds before they develop than to handle to them when they are fully grown, so be sure to take preventive care as soon as you can. However, do not use too much weed killer on your lawn in the spring because this can result in damage to the new grass beginning to emerge.

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