The Right Way to Prune a Tree

If you want to prune the trees on your Medford, Oregon, property, the best time is usually during the winter.  Trees benefit from winter pruning because it encourages new spring growth.  There are specific ways to prune trees for the maximum benefits.

  1. Crown Thinning – this means that you trim the tree to thin out the branches and reduce the amount of stress on the tree.  Removing a low percentage of the branches from the edge of the canopy can help your tree benefit from better sunlight and air circulates easier.
  2. Crown Raising is a process that is done over a long period.  Remove a few lower limbs each year to raise the crown of the tree.  This process helps keep the limbs from getting in the way of cars that need to park, or people who walk by the tree.  With the crown raising method, the tree must stay balanced, which is why it is done over a long period.
  3. Older trees usually have a crown reduction.  This type of pruning helps the tree have new growth and is a lot better than tree topping. 
  4. Crown cleaning is the typical method of pruning when a tree has many dead branches, has damaged branches, or is diseased.  This type of pruning is performed at any time of the year and is usually done for the safety of people and property around the tree.

The best way to prune your trees depends on the location of the tree on your property, how many dead branches it has, and how you’d like the tree to grow over the years.  If you need help pruning the trees in your Medford, Oregon, yard, Quality Tree Service is available to answer all your questions and assist you with the trees on your property all year.  Contact us right away if you need help with tree branches that are dead or broken!

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