Summer Care for Your Trees in Medford, OR

If you have many trees in your yard in Medford, you should have a plan to care for the trees in your yard, just like you would for your lawn or garden.  Trees may not seem like they require as much care, but they do need attention to stay healthy.  An unhealthy tree can quickly become a problem for your home and the people that live in it. 

  • Start the summer off by mulching your trees.  Mulching is an effective way to keep weeds from attacking the tree and conserve water around the tree.  Use hardwood mulch around the base of the tree.  Three to five inches of mulch is standard.  It is important just to put the mulch on the ground around the tree and not have it against the tree’s trunk. 
  • Fertilize your trees in the summer, so they get enough nutrients.  Different trees need different amounts of fertilizer.  If you have questions about fertilizing your specific trees, call Quality Tree Service to get answers to all your questions about trees.
  • The hot, summer days in Oregon mean that you should have plenty of water.  Saturating the trees with one inch of water a week is a good standard.  A surface watering with a sprinkler isn’t as effective as a deep watering.
  • Prune your trees if you see any damaged branches or to get rid of dead branches.  If you have trees that flower, give them a full prune as soon as they are done flowering.  If you have tall trees that need pruning, get a professional to help you, so you don’t have to climb ladders and work in the heat.
  • Inspect your trees for pests that could do major damage.  A tree with pests living in it or eating it can eventually fall because of severe weather or because it dies.
  • It is important to know if your trees are ready for high winds and storms.  Have us look at your trees to make sure they are healthy enough for a storm front.  The winds in Oregon have no problem knocking down trees that aren’t healthy.  If you need trees removed, Quality Tree Service can do that too!

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