Reasons to Call for Emergency Tree Services After a Fall Storm

Fall can bring high winds and unexpected storms in Medford, Oregon.  If you have an emergency with a tree in your yard or a tree that is laying on your property because of a storm, call Quality Tree Services for assistance.

Reasons to Call for Emergency Tree Services

  • During a storm, you can have limbs or even whole trees fall on your property or even on your home.  You may have trees that fall in a way that makes your entire property unstable until the tree is removed.  Call us if a storm knocks down trees or limbs on your property, and you are in an unsafe situation. 
  • If some trees or limbs are touching power lines, this is an emergency, and only a professional should handle it.  Don’t try to remove the tree or tree limb yourself. 
  • If there is a tree that blocks your driveway or a road, call us for emergency tree removal services.  Down trees can cause a backup in traffic, frustration, and a risk to people who try to remove a tree themselves. 
  • If you have a tree that is diseased or has hanging limbs and looks weakened by a storm, calling to have it removed or trimmed so that the tree isn’t a danger to you, or your property is essential.  It may just be a small gust of wind that allows limbs from the tree to fall or hit your home. You could also have parts of the tree fall on your vehicle or even harm a person.
  • You may not know why your tree falls.  It could just be old or have a problem with the root system.  If you have a tree on your property that is now on your roof or leaning against your home, call emergency services before entering your home. 
  • Making sure you are safe is the most critical part of tree removal services.  Quality Tree Service in Medford can get there quickly and assess the situation to make sure you can enter your home safely.

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