Quality Tree Services to Meet Your Landscaping Needs

Trees can play a large role in landscaping, but they require regular care to thrive in your neighborhood. No matter what your landscaping plans are, whether you want to help trees grow or need to remove them, Quality Tree Services can help in the Medford area.


Tree Pruning


No matter what size tree you have, regular pruning can help encourage growth and keep your trees safe. If your tree is in a more urban area, it may also need pruning to prevent it from damaging your home, powerlines, and other nearby objects. At Quality Tree Services, we have the experience to help you get the best results.


Tree Removal


Trees may die or begin to damage surrounding trees and objects. When this happens, tree removal may be the best solution. Our staff can help you evaluate a tree to find out if removing it is the best solution. If it is, we use proper safety equipment to take down the tree with minimal risks, and then we clear the property of any debris. Afterward, you can enjoy your new space or even plant a more suitable type of tree.


Stump Grinding


Stumps can pose a risk of termite infestation and an eyesore to your yard. Removing one on your own can be a hassle – but you don’t have to do that. Quality Tree Services has the equipment and knowledge to get rid of unwanted stumps quickly, giving your yard an instant improvement. We clean up all debris and make sure to leave your yard as we found it – minus any stumps of course.


Lawn Care


Quality Tree Services may be our name, but that’s not all we can do. We provide one-time and ongoing maintenance services to help keep your lawn in the best possible shape. Whether you need to tend to grounds outside a home or business, we can handle the job. We also offer several discount programs, helping to keep your lawn care affordable.


If your lawn and surrounding trees are important to you, you need the help of Quality Tree Services. Our licensed and insured professionals have been serving the Medford area for over 10 years. Contact us for a quote on our services today.

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