Lets face it, Stumps are ugly!! You can try to disguise them with flowers and potted plants but they are still there. Besides looks, stumps also present a risk for termite infestation, threatening other plants in your yard.

Stump Grinding

Removing stumps is not easy. You may have tried to burn them out or tried other techniques only to fail. Rented stump grinders can be dangerous to operate, and most come with dull teeth and worn out belts. Call a professional!! It iss not as expensive as you might think. Stump grinding is the environmentally safe way to get rid of unwanted stumps. It is fast, clean and economical. Fall and Winter are ideal times for stump grinding. Yards are usually solid or frozen and your stump hole will be ready for early spring seeding. Quality Tree Service can help beautify and protect your property with our stump removal and grinding service. We can get the stump removal done quickly and safely without threat to your existing structures and landscaping.