Now Is the Time to Prune Your Trees

With branches bare and the land fully in the grip of winter, it can be difficult to remember the green leaves of spring and summer. It may be that leaves brushed your vehicle as you pulled in your driveway, or branches looked vulnerable to breaking in a windstorm last fall. If you’ve considered pruning branches from a tree in your yard, now is the time to have professional tree pruning done.


Problems That May Require Pruning

As branches hang down or grow lower to the ground, they can scratch vehicles or cause other safety hazards to passersby. Lower branches obstruct your view and can become a problem in your yard. Weaker branches can break during an inclement weather, causing damage to property and harm to the tree itself.


Pruning Is Good for You and Your Trees

Clearing out lower tree branches not only improves the appearance of the tree but avoids the hazards of walking in the yard or mowing under the branches. Removing dead or weakened branches strengthens the tree overall and makes it less prone to damage from storms. Clearing out unhealthy limbs can help prevent damage or infection that can destroy the whole tree.


Proper Pruning Requires Expertise

Simply sawing away at branches will clear the limbs but may cause permanent damage to the tree as well. The best time for most trees to be pruned is now, during the dead of winter. During winter, trees are dormant, which means they are better able to withstand pruning without risk of damage. With less sap running through the branches, the tree pruning will not result in messy sticky sap becoming a problem. While sap doesn’t harm the tree, it may attract pests that harm the tree later.

In most cases, pruning cuts heal faster during winter, which helps keep your tree stronger. However, it is important to know what is best for each species of tree, how and when to prune that type of tree, and how much pruning it can take without problems. Having an expert provide these services helps ensure your tree will remain strong and beautiful for years to come.

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