Getting a Tree Removed

In the Pacific Northwest, we love our trees more than anything. They are essential to our environment, all other living things, and to our mental health. We want to keep as many trees around as possible, but there are some excellent reasons to have a tree removed from your property. 

Do I Have to Get a Tree Removed?

Unfortunately, some trees have damage that is not repairable. It is much safer to have a tree removed by our professional staff at Quality Tree Service Medford than for gravity to remove the tree. The latter scenario could harm other trees, structures, cars, or people, and the choice is clear.  Before we remove a tree, we will come and assess the tree’s health and look for an alternative first. 

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Some reasons to remove a tree may be more evident than others. For example, you can likely tell if a tree is dead, damaged, or hazardous. These trees will have broken branches, not show signs of new growth, or could be hanging over a structure. You will want to get these removed as quickly as possible to remove yourself from the possibility of danger.

Other reasons to remove trees are not as noticeable. For example, it might not be until someone else points out to you that a tree on your property is impeding lines of sight in traffic or is beginning to grow too close to a power line. Another example would be a diseased tree. Seeing the signs of disease in a tree can sometimes be difficult for an untrained eye. It’s worth it now and then to have an arborist come to look and check on the health of your trees. 

Crowded stands of trees can be a bad scene as well because they compete for nutrients and light. If trees are too crowded, they will not be as healthy and will be more prone to damage, disease, or death. 

Contact Quality Tree Service of Medford, so we can help assess tree removal and get someone on the job before it’s too late!  

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