Get Your Tree Removal Taken Care of This Winter

There is a common misconception that winter is a bad time to get trees removed because tree service businesses don’t work outside during cold, snowy weather. Winter is actually a great time for tree services such as removal, however. Trees shed their leaves and become dormant in the winter, which makes it a prime time to get this job done. If you have trees that need to be removed from your property, consider these reasons why winter is an ideal season for the chore.

  • Dead wood. If you have dead trees on your property or trees that have damaged or dead branches, it is important to have them serviced before extreme weather arrives. The weight of snow and ice on dead branches can cause them to break off and potentially damage your home, vehicles, or other trees and landscaping features in your yard.
  • Disease spread is at a minimum. Bacteria, parasites, fungi, and insects that attract and sometimes kill trees are often dormant or dead in the winter months. This means that they won’t be stirred up and spread to other trees when you have your dead trees removed.
  • Spring tree health. When you get the dead branches pruned from your trees in the winter, it provides a better opportunity for the tree to recover in the spring months. The new growth will look much better than the dull, dead branches from the previous year.
  • Easier work for the technician. Once all of the leaves have fallen from your trees, your tree service tech will be able to evaluate the structure of the tree more easily and determine which branches should be removed.

If you need a reputable tree service to remove trees from your property this winter, reach out to the professional team at Quality Tree Service. We are always on the job, even when the temperatures drop, so visit our website or call us today at (541) 821-8594.

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