Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall Is the Time for Tree Health Inspections

Fall is an excellent time to assess the health of your trees in Medford and to schedule pruning or removal services before winter. As the leaves begin to drop, you may notice some of your trees showing signs of damage, rot, or pest infestations. Summertime can encourage warm-weather infestations and other problems. Use fall to your advantage to get a clearer picture of your trees’ health. Then, call Quality Tree Service for tree care.

Fall Is the Time for Tree Health Inspections
Fall Is the Time for Tree Health Inspections

Check for Tree Infestations

Oregon trees must stand up to several common diseases and nuisance insects, including aphids, elm leaf beetles, emerald ash borers, webworms, cankers disease, and fungal diseases. Signs of these issues may include trees losing foliage prematurely, leaves that look eaten, leaves that brown too early, or trees dying without explanation. The technicians at Quality Tree Service can assess your trees and remedy them or remove dead trees as necessary.

Rehydrate Your Plants

Winter can be hard on Medford trees, with dry weather and winds drying up the soil and weakening root systems. Fall is the best time of the year to focus on the soil, fertilization, and hydration of your landscaping. You may need to schedule subsurface watering to prevent stress during the winter months or feed your trees with extra fertilizer. Give your trees the hydration and nutrients they need to thrive in cold weather.

Remove Hazardous Branches

Now that leaves aren’t crowding your trees and concealing problems, you may spot branches that are broken or appear dead. Schedule removal of these limbs right away to prevent property damage or injuries. All it takes is a strong gust of fall wind to send dead tree limbs crashing to the ground. Dead limb and tree removal in fall are a great way to prevent hazards during winter storms. Quality Tree Service can trim hazardous branches and keep your home safe all winter long.








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