Don’t Let an Emergency Catch You Off-Guard

When Trees Become Dangerous, Trust an Expert

Most of the time, trees simply provide lovely foliage and a great place for kids to climb and play. However, there are many situations in which a tree could pose a threat to your home or family. As spring progresses here in Oregon, it’s important to remember that thunderstorms can quickly dislodge branches, bows, and even entire trees, and can cause major damage. You can avoid costly repairs by knowing what to do in the case of a tree-related emergency.

 Call an Expert

The first thing to remember in the case of a thunderstorm is that it is safest to allow tree experts to handle the problem. If you try to fix the issue yourself, you are putting yourself at risk for falling, electrocution, and more. Tree experts know exactly how to handle these emergencies, and here at Quality Tree Service, we offer emergency tree services to ensure that you can solve the issue without putting yourself at risk.

When to Call

A lot happens during a thunderstorm, and it can be hard to know when it’s time to call an expert to help protect your home. These are some telltale signs that a tree is posing a threat to your home and safety:

  • Branches are hanging low toward the roof. If large branches and foliage are bending low over a home during a storm, there is a significant risk that the branch will break and fall onto the home. 
  • A branch or tree has fallen onto a power line. City officials keep power lines free of tree branches for a reason. If a branch has fallen on a power line, there is a significant risk of rogue electric currents and fire. 
  • A branch or tree has fallen into the street. Roads are essential to give emergency services a way to get to their destination. Fallen trees in the street can also damage cars and other homes.

At Quality Tree Service, we offer on-demand emergency tree services with the same quality and attention to detail as any of our scheduled services. Contact us online, or 24/7 via our designated emergency phone number.  


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