Can You Prune a Mature Tree

Before pruning a mature tree on your property, there’s a chance you’ve found yourself hesitating. Is this really a necessary action, or are you wasting time and putting the integrity of the tree at risk? Are there any specific techniques to keep in mind, as you prune a mature tree? 

While it is entirely possible to prune a mature tree, there are several variables you’ll need to account for — none of which will have been such a significant concern, if you were dealing with a younger tree. Additionally, you typically aren’t going to be pruning a fully-grown tree for the same reasons.

When Should I Prune a Mature Tree?

If you’re not sure when to prune a fully-grown tree, just remember that it’s not the same as with smaller varieties. Generally, you’ll prune a smaller tree to help create a stronger, more stable structure. Or maybe you’re hoping that the tree will take on a specific form or shape. 

Alternatively, you should prune a mature tree as a way to keep its size under control, or as a safety precaution. While a tree that was properly pruned when it was younger isn’t going to require as much trimming later on, here are some reasons you may want to prune a mature tree:

  • Thinning out the canopy, allowing for more sunlight to be allowed in
  • Raising the tree’s canopy, so that it’s easier for people or vehicles to pass by below
  • Shortening the tree’s canopy

Tips for Pruning a Mature Tree

Before you begin to prune a mature tree, here are some important tips to keep in mind, throughout the trimming process:

  • Never remove live foliage from a mature tree without a clear reason — make sure you know why you’re pruning the tree in the first place.
  • If you’re pruning the tree to help open the canopy, then avoid removing big branches. Instead, stick to removing small branches at the edge of the canopy. 
  • Never try topping a mature tree to control its height.
  • If you’re pruning the mature tree for better clearance, make sure that a minimum of two-thirds of the tree’s height still contains living branches. 

Quality Tree Service Prunes Mature Trees

At Quality Tree Service in Central Point, Oregon, we expertly prune all kinds of trees, including mature ones. To request a quote or begin the scheduling process, simply get in touch with us through our website.


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