Call a Professional if You Have Damaged Trees After a Summer Storm

The best thing to do after an intense storm in Medford, OR, is contact a professional for your damaged trees.  At Quality Tree Service, we have experts that can come save your tree and remove the damaged parts of trees safely.  Our goal is to save the tree and make sure it is safe for the neighborhood after storm damage.

Pruning the Damaged Tree

A professional will make sure that all damaged branches are removed from the tree and do an inspection to make sure other branches won’t eventually damage homes, cars, or people under the tree. 

Removing a Tree

If your tree is dead or too damaged to help, tree removal services are your next step in getting your property back in order after a storm.  We can come let you know if your tree needs to be removed and what the risks are when we must remove it from your property.  There are other reasons for removing a tree such as it is just too hazardous for the area, or it is crowding other trees. 

Stump Grinding

Once your tree is removed from your property, you may want to hire stump grinding services to help your property look better and compliment the landscaping.

Stump grinding also gives you the extra space you want in your yard and limit infestation of termites and other things you don’t want around your home or other trees. 

Fixing a Split Tree

If your tree is split, you probably need a professional to inspect it and see if we can save it.  An arborist can assess the damage to the tree and decide if it will survive once it is trimmed to be safe (when needed).  It is the same process for a tree that is cut off from the top.  An arborist needs to make sure the tree can survive the elements and be safe in your neighborhood!

If you need help with your damaged tree in Medford, contact us to get help for your trees and assist you in making decisions based on the next move for the trees on your property. 

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