Best Oregon Tree Species for Your Yard

Native Oregon Trees That Will Transform Your Yard

Spring is quickly descending on Oregon, and summer temperatures and new foliage will soon take over the state. As the season of growth and renewal, spring is a fantastic time to plant new flowers, shrubs, and trees in your yard. Planting native species can help to support the local ecosystem and ensure that whatever you plant is an ideal choice for our climate and weather patterns here in Oregon. Whether you are looking to replace a tree that was damaged over the winter or add to the foliage on your property, the native trees of Oregon give you plenty of wonderful options. These are just a few native trees you have to choose from.

Bigleaf Maple

Bigleaf maple trees thrive in our excessively damp climate and provide incredible shade. The leaves and branches of these trees fan out over a large area, making them great if you are looking for sun protection. These beauties bloom yellow flowers in the springtime, too, and are great for pollinators as well. Unfortunately, Bigleaf Maples are best planted in full sun or partial shade. Usually, they cannot be produced directly along city streets because the ample coverage can create a hazard to power lines.

Pacific Dogwood

This tree species is fantastic if you’re looking to add autumn color to an area that already gets plenty of shade. Though it can’t thrive in dark corners, Pacific Dogwoods require partial shade to grow well. Also, if you are looking to attract native birds such as woodpeckers and sparrows, this tree can help bring more bird population to your yard and provide a nice pop of color come October.

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