Best Indigenous Trees to Spruce Up Your Garden

With fall around the corner, the dormant season for trees is coming up soon, which is the optimal planting weather for new saplings. When it comes to adding plants to your landscaping design, choosing indigenous plants to fill out your garden space is helpful for your local ecosystem, and thankfully, Oregon has thousands of gorgeous plants to choose from, including a wide array of beautiful trees that will fit into your garden perfectly. 

Evergreen Trees

Oregon’s natural forests are mainly conifers and evergreen trees, which hold their color year-round. These trees, such as the western hemlock, western red cedar, or shore pine are all stunning additions to your garden, maintaining their full branches and vibrant colors year-round. As these trees age, they grow pinecones, which habitually drop seeds as they reach maturity.

Deciduous Trees

The second most prevalent tree type in Oregon’s natural forests is deciduous trees, which shed their leaves during the fall and bud new leaves in the spring. Cascara trees, known for their unique leaf shape, and vine maple trees, known for their widespread branch structure, turn gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall, bringing a stunning array of colors to your garden.

Why Plant Indigenous Trees?

Choosing plants that naturally occur in your area is essential for creating a balanced ecosystem. By choosing indigenous plants, not only do these plants thrive year-round, but as a result of being in their natural environment, they naturally require less watering and maintenance, already acclimated to the surrounding climate and ecosystems.

Choosing and Planting the Right Trees for Your Garden

When designing the exterior of your home, your landscaping design becomes a top priority. Part of this design includes plant management, and when dealing with larger tree planting and fertilization, choosing an expert tree service is crucial for healthy saplings. Quality Tree Service can provide top-quality tree planting, fertilizing, and pruning services, helping you keep your garden looking its best. Contact us today.

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