Benefits of Planting and Maintaining Trees

Trees are beautiful aesthetically and home to important animals and insects that support our ecosystem, but they also play an essential role in helping the environment. Because trees remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, purify the air and reduce other air pollutants, they consistently assist the planet’s health and, in turn, humans. 

Benefits to Climate and Quality of Life

Forests full of trees absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide. They draw it out of the atmosphere and store the carbon within their trunks and soil. Older trees especially hold especially large amounts of carbon and other pollutants, so protecting as much forested area in the world is beneficial.

Neighborhoods, yards, and parks with trees can also help to provide fresher air by removing pollutants and carbon from urban and suburban developments, factories, car emissions, and infrastructure. Air pollution in general, not only affects the air quality, but it can also negatively affect human health — all the more reason to maintain the health of any trees you have on your property and assist in preserving green spaces in your community. 

Additionally, trees provide shade through their foliage and canopies, which cools outdoor and indoor spaces. By blocking sunlight and harmful UV rays, trees can help reduce the energy we need to use for both the cooling and heating of homes and other buildings. 

Trees also draw water through their roots and trunks, which are then vaporized through the leaves. This further cools the air around trees and shaded areas, and this is highly beneficial to areas beset with larger amounts of pollution such as large cities. 

Get in Touch With Quality Tree Service

If you want to know more about increasing your property’s shaded spaces, contact Quality Tree Service. In addition to planting new trees and foliage, we can help you preserve the trees you have and maximize their benefits around your home and in your neighborhood.

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