4 Situations When You Might Consider Tree Removal

The state of Oregon is well known for its gorgeous natural landscape. While the trees are an essential feature of the state’s beautiful landscape, there are some circumstances when homeowners might have to remove a tree from their front or back yard. Here are a few of the most common reasons people decide to have a tree removed.

Unsafe Conditions

Tall trees are remarkably beautiful, but they are also incredibly strong. If a thick tree topples down on your home, it could result in devastating damage. Trees surround some homes and can potentially fall during a harsh rain storm. Since the warmer months tend to involve strong rains and wind, many people may opt to have a tree removed in order to ensure the safety of their homes.

Damaged or Unhealthy Trees

Sometimes there are problems with a tree that increase the chances it will fall on a house. Among these defects are:

  • Cracks or fissures in the trunk of the tree
  • Hanging branches within the tree’s upper crown
  • The presence of fungi at the base of the trunk, which can cause the tree to decay

When your property has a tree showing these signs, it might be more likely to fall during a spring or summer storm. Consider calling a professional if you notice any of these concerns.

Protect a Home’s Foundation

While a yard full of crisp green trees is certainly beautiful, a tree positioned too close to a home can harm its foundation. When the tree roots grow underneath the ground, they can easily come in contact with your homes foundation and start negatively impacting the structural base of a house. Trees that are situated above a home also often drop leaves into gutter systems, which can clog the drainage and result in severe water damage on a roof.

Lack of Sun

Trees providing shade are an excellent when you have a patio or a porch in the front or back of your home. But sometimes trees grow so tall that they can block a significant portion of the sun, which is not good for the health of your yard or your plants.

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